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Couch Roll

The term ‘couch rolls’ comes from the fact that people often pull them over seats or beds that patients or customers lie on. The Newgen Healthcare Couch Rolls are manufactured and designed to improve hygiene, maintain cleanliness and reduce the risk of contamination. These are some of the reasons that couch rolls are widely used in healthcare, primary care and additionally in beauty salons. Couch rolls are easy to store without large storage requirements, an inexpensive and safe way to maintain hygiene and cleanliness at your facility.


Veora Everyday

Universal Couch Roll

Material: 100% Virgin Wood Pulp

Perforated: Yes

Sheet Size: 49.0 x 41.5cm

Sheets/Roll: 100

Product Features

  • Made from 100% renewable virgin wood pulp
  • Bleach-free processed
  • White colour
  • Gentle on the skin without chafing
  • Superior wet strength
  • Perforated for easy tear
  • Single-use only

Product Applications

Veora Everyday Universal Couch Roll is disposable and designed to provide an eco-friendly approach to keeping various surfaces clean and hygienic. Each sheet is designed to tackle extreme messy situation in a medical emergency environment.

After use, simply discard the roll to eliminate fluids and germs, thereby reducing the likelihood of microbial cross-contamination. In addition, the flexibility provided by single use disposability, improves operational efficiencies and productivity by eliminating the need for washing and laundering.

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