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Hospital Grade Surface Disinfectant

Newgen Microbe Guard Ultra surface disinfectant (ARTG: 374485) is a hospital-grade broad-spectrum antimicrobial surface spray disinfectant with up to 7 days of outstanding biocidal activity reduction.
Unlike other surface disinfectant products, this unique formulated solution is non-toxic, water-based, alcohol-free, safe to store and will not cause harm to hard surfaces or the environment.


Newgen Microbe Guard Ultra

Hospital Grade

Surface Disinfectant

ARTG: 374485

Size: 750ml

6 Units/Carton


Newgen Microbe Guard Ultra

Hospital Grade

Surface Disinfectant

ARTG: 374485

Size: 5L

2 Units/Carton

Product Features

  • ARTG: 374485
  • Kills germs rapidly – NMG Ultra Hospital Grade Surface Disinfectant has high efficacy (99.99%) against harmful germs
  • Provide germ-free protection on hard surfaces for up to 7 days 
  • Non-toxic, water-based and alcohol-free – Easy for storage and transportation
  • Colourless, odourless, non-leaching, environmentally safe and non-corrosive
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Designed for household and professional use
  • Bottle and containers made from recyclable plastic materials
  • Manufactured in an Australia Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility

How it Works

When applied to a clean, dry surface, NMG Ultra Hospital Grade Surface Disinfectant forms an organosilane matrix of electrostatically charged spikes that bond to various hard surfaces and substrates. Many microorganisms are attracted to the “spikes” resulting in lysis of the cell walls and membranes; the microorganisms are then killed. This antimicrobial efficacy process can last up to 7 days.

Reduction After 7 Days

Feline Coronavirus (Covid-19 Surrogate)99%
Pseudonomas aeruginosa99%
Escherichia coli99%
Proteus vulgaris100%
Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)100%

Efficacy & Testing

The Newgen Microbe Guard Hospital Grade Surface Spray disinfectant formula conforms to global international testing standards and has been successfully tested against PAS2424, EN13697, EN1276, EN1650, amongst many more antimicrobial efficacy tests.

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